How to clean your String Instrument:

Cleaning your Instrument is an important part to keep up its tone and stability; we recommend cleaning your Instrument on a daily basis to keep your Instrument free from rosin and dust. Your Instrument will be always in top playing condition, and will look beautiful. Below we will explain you about the proper methods for cleaning your Instrument.


1) Get soft cleaning cloths it helps prevent buildup of rosin, dust and other substances.


2) Take 1-2 Drops of Howard Polish and wipe down the Strings and the Instrument back and front.  


3) Apply a small amount Core Peg Compound to the Pegs, turn the Pegs and you will see how smoothly they turn.  


We highly recommend the Care Kit from Howard Core; it has all the essential items to use and care of your Instrument. See the Product here: String Power   


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