Important Accessories for Violin Beginners

Accessories for Violin Player Beginners:

If you start to learn a string instruments there are some items you must have. 


Must have:


Instrument, Bow and Case Our Recommendation: Economy E-10 Violin

Shoulder Rest Our Recommondation: Everest Shoulderrest

Music stand Our Recommondation: Chrome Folding Stand

Electric Tuner Our Recommondation: Electric Tuner

Rosin Our Recommondation: D'Addario Rosin

Polish (To clean the Dust of the Rosin) Our Recommondation: Core Polish


We also Recommend the Core Care Kit Rosin, Polish, Micro towel & Clip Tuner


Good to have:


Spare set of strings Our Recommondation: Prelude

Violin Mute for Study Our Recommondation: Violin Mute

Masterbow (helping to hold the Bow correctly) Our Recommondation: Master Bow



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