Cs4000C Core Select; Model Stainer Cello Advanced - Cello
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CS4000C Core Select; Model "Stainer" Cello Advanced

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The warmth and complexity of tone gives the “Stainer” model a distinct place in the Core Select lineup. The fuller arching. and wide placement of the f-holes impart these sweet. delicate acoustic qualities which reflect an earlier musical aesthetic. During his time. Jacob Stainer (1617-1683) of Absam was in demand as a luthier for royal court musicians throughout Austria. Germany. Italy and Spain. The beautiful. pure sound of the baroque period was embodied by the Stainer design. and for today’s cellists this Core Select replica is particularly well-suited for orchestral and chamber music. Equipped with Larsen Magnacore strings. Body length - 752 mm, Upper Bout - 355 mm, Lower Bout – 444 mm.