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CS5500 Core Select Professional Violin with Case String Power
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String Power

CS5500 Core Select Professional Violin with Case

CS5500 Core Select Professional Violin with Case

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Our new 1720 Stradivari violin copy represents some of the best that China has to offer today in the way of fine violins. It’s red to golden-brown old-recipe oil varnish is meticulously applied and antiqued down to the finest detail. These instruments are made of Bosnian maple and Italian spruce. both naturally aged for at least 50 years. Their tonal quality is in the dark to medium range with exceptional versatility. They project with great clarity while retaining a warm quality under the player’s ear. These are not overly-thinned instruments designed to be tubby sounding right out of the box. The master maker who creates these for Howard Core Company is a world traveler who has studied violin making in many countries. including Italy and the United States. Each violin has been adjusted by the maker using fine boxwood fittings with heart shape pegs. a beautifully cut and fitted Aubert Deluxe bridge. equipped with Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.

Leadtime approx. 2 weeks, all instruments go through quality control and set-up process.


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