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Dominant PRO Thomastik-Infeld Violin Strings

Dominant PRO Thomastik-Infeld Violin Strings

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With Dominant Pro violin strings Thomastik was not aiming the change the basic character of Dominant, but rather to offer an additional contemporary repertoire of strings. Dominant Pro and Dominant both have very low string tensions and are therefore suitable for the majority of new and old instruments without putting too much strain on them. They have a similar capacity for modulation, lots of sound color, very good tuning stability, and a very good bow response.
Dominant Pro offers a longer tonal lifespan, reduces wolf tones, and is very balanced between the individual strings. They are more focused and darker than original Dominant. They offer greater resistance to bow pressure and have a larger dynamic range. Dominant Pro has a bell-like sound that fills the room directly after stringing. The strings have a powerful, clear, and loud voice with a high ability to sustain sound
  • exceptionally powerful
  • good balance of brilliance and warmth
  • broad range of sound colors
  • supports the radiance of the instrument in the long term
  • reacts immediately with a focused sound core 
  • a sound that fills the room
  • bell-like tonal character 
  • high resistance to bow pressure
  • suitable for soloists 
  • very high level of dynamics (can be played very quietly and very loudly)
  • Only Set Size 4/4 
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Based on 1 review
Georg Larsen

Got my Set yesterday and tried them right away. I highly recommend the Pro Version, compared to the standard Dominant, the Pro are so much more powerful.