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NS Design CR4 or 5 Strings Electric Fretted Omni Bass String Power
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String Power

NS Design CR4 or 5 Strings Electric Fretted Omni Bass

NS Design CR4 or 5 Strings Electric Fretted Omni Bass

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Looking for a budget-conscious fretted instrument that delivers killer upright bass sounds and still fit in the back seat of your car? NS Design's CR4 Omni Bass is the instrument you've been looking for. With the familiarity of a 34" scale length, fretted fingerboard, and a compound radius, the CR4 Omni Bass will feel natural to electric bass players. This electric upright bass is meticulously created in the Czech Republic with the finest materials. Add killer upright tones, plucked or bowed, to your sound with the NS Design CR4 Omni Bass.

Custom-designed electronics deliver the sounds you need
The NS Design CR4 Omni Bass sports a self-powered, custom Polar Pickup System. A pizz/arco switch optimizes the pickup's response for plucked or bowed playing, it gives you the control, clarity, and richness you want from a bass, no matter your playing style. Custom EMG magnetic pickups deliver classic electric sounds to the CR4. The 18V preamp offers tons of headroom and powerful EQ and mix tools to sculpt your perfect sound. You get all the output you need and a full range of tone that works with any system.

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Available in: Sunburst and Black, 4 Strings or 5 Strings

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