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Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set
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Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set

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Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set

Pedi Magic Dehumidifier 3pc Set

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Excess humidity can cause many issues like low neck projection, poor sound quality, loose hair, mold growth, and in a severe case a seam separation. The Pedi Magic Dehumidifiers, made of environmentally friendly and naturally breathing material, gently removes excess moisture and maintains the relative humidity at around 50% inside a case to protect your instrument.

Each Magic Dehumidifier can absorb up to 8 grams of water and can be reused indefinitely by refreshing them in a microwave. For an even moisture distribution, use all 3 pieces, one placed next to the scroll and the c-bouts. At 77°F, on average it takes about only 2 hours to reach 50% humidity level when the case remains closed. With a highly air-tight case, the Magic Dehumidifier can maintain the humidity level over a month when remain closed. For a complete control over humidity level, we recommend using a sensor that allows you to monitor the environment inside without opening such as D’Addario Humiditrack

To refresh or maintain the Magic Dehumidifier, simply put them in a microwave set to defrost mode for about 9 minutes, and they will be as good as new.

CAUTION: Magic Dehumidifier is not a humidifier, though it is able to maintain humidity, and should not be saturated with water or any other liquid. Doing so will compromise the nano porous structure and will make it ineffective

  • Size: 1.25" x 2" x 0.75"
  • Capacity: 10ml +110% at 77°F, 85 RH%
  • Air Treatment Capacity: 1.4 ft3



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