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Pirastro Perpetual Violin Strings String Power
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String Power

Pirastro Perpetual Violin Strings

Pirastro Perpetual Violin Strings

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Thanks to innovative materials and adopting new, carefully matched production methods, the development of Pirastro Perpetual resulted in a string set with a character not yet found in the Pirastro family of strings. Pirastro Perpetual provides the largest sound volume and carrying power combined with a precisely focused sound projection. The clarity of its sound, however, does not diminish the abundance of colors Perpetual offers. Its vibrant tone attack and optimal response seamlessly complement Perpetual's sound qualities from extreme fortissimo to the most sensitive whisper. Perpetual react in an ideal way to the finest nuances in bow speed and pressure; this enables the musician to play with a wide range of dynamics and expression. The innovative core material allows a comfortable smoothness during legato, shifting, string crossings, double stops, and chords.

  • Perpetual Violin Set includes the following strings:
  • E String: Platinum, removable ball end, 0.26 gauge  
  • A String: Synthetic/Aluminum 
  • D String: Synthetic/Silver  
  • G String: Synthetic/Silver  


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