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Stahlhammer Cello Endpin, Carbon Shafts String Power - Violin Store
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Stahlhammer Cello Endpin, Carbon Shafts

Stahlhammer Cello Endpin, Carbon Shafts

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Stahlhammer endpins have been a synonym of angled endpin for the last few decades. These endpins come with an easily adjustable plug and can be installed on almost any cello without using a reamer, saving the original wood. These endpins feature exchangeable tubes, and luthier and player can choose to mix the different material upper and lower tube (sold separately) to finetune the instrument for more desired timbre and other sound characteristics. The shaft extends from 30 to 55cm (11 3/4 to 21 1/2)

Is this the right size?

For most average-height players, the medium size is appropriate, as long as he/she holds the cello at around the "normal" angle. For a much more steeper/flatter angle, especially for a tall person, the longer version might be more suitable. The opposite is true for a shorter person. We also recommend the player consider the potential chair height. If the player expects to play on a very low height chair often, then one size shorter than might ultimately work better. The option is to have an extra set of shaft at different length, and switch out as needed. As a rough estimate, the fully extended Stahlhammer medium length is roughly equivalent of playing on a 20" standard straight endpin. But remember, this experience might change based on the person's height and the playing angle.

*** Starting 2021, Stahlhammer endpin's innder (lower) rod will start havign some resin bumps. These bumps are intentionally placed to remove any possibility of potential buzzing. The bumps will make extending and retracing the inner rod more difficult at the beginning, but will be naturally sanded down as the endpin gets used in the first few weeks to make the operation much smoother.

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